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Receptor 2 pro max replacement hard drive?


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I'm preparing to clone my current 1 TB drive to future-proof my investment. I need some advice on a replacement drive.


My current drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11. It has 32 MB cache, 115 MB/s sustained data rate, and 300 MB/s transfer rate.


I found a Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 that has 64 MB cache, 210 MB/s sustained data rate, and 6.0/3.0/1.5 GB/s transfer rate.


Is this a better drive and therefore a good replacement?

Kurzweil Forte, Yamaha Motif ES7, Muse Receptor 2 Pro Max, Neo Ventilator
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The drive should be similar (both in the Barracuda series) - it does have a higher possible data rate due to support of a later and faster version of SATA interface. However, this added speed will be actually used only if the Receptor 2 has the faster SATA connection. The larger cache becomes important if there is a lot of write activity on the drive.

Most any current HD will have the faster possible rate.


Note that I've never owned a Receptor, and don't know if the manufacturer had any special process for making hard drives only usable if their own replacement part is used - I doubt it but have no way of verifying.


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Finally found the courage to clone this drive. I was scared that something would go wrong.


Purchased the Samsung drive mentioned above (1 TB Barracuda), around $50, used the Inateck docking station with offline clone function (under $40). Also bought a $6 SATA extention cable (to avoid removing the drive from the Receptor).


It took less than 4 hours to clone the drive and the cloned drive tested fine and booted up in the Receptor just like the original. Now I can sleep well at night knowing my Receptor is backed up. Was a big concern since Muse is MIA now.


I'm debating buying and cloning drives for some of my other gear (Tascam 2488 Neo and maybe a laptop) as the cost of a drive is pretty cheap insurance for a hard disk failure.

Kurzweil Forte, Yamaha Motif ES7, Muse Receptor 2 Pro Max, Neo Ventilator
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