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Best master class I ever had the opportunity to be a part of


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I learned so much. I laughed, I cried.... had truly deep and meaningful revelations about technique. And sound design... I need to incorporate the myriad of useful tips and pointers brought up - may as well just initialize everything back to factory settings and start anew.





Yamaha CP88, Casio PX-560

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I know a keyboardist who's preparing for a big arena pop gig in February. He bought like 8 keyboards just for the looks.

Life is subtractive.
Genres: Jazz, funk, pop, Christian worship, BebHop
Wishlist: 80s-ish (synth)pop, symph pop, prog rock, fusion, musical theatre
Gear: NS2 + JUNO-G. KingKORG. SP6 at church.


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On a slightly smaller scale, I remember the look of disappointment on the bandleader's face when I showed up for my first gig with them (I had just joined as a permanent member). Just me, my laptop, and my 61-key Edirol PCR-M80.




Her exact words:

"Is that your... [pause with furrowed brow].... KEYBOARD???"

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No but her husband commented that I had a "little too much chorus" on my sound for the Black Eyed Pea's "I Gotta Feeling." That was a good yuk. This was a wedding band. They also had a drummer & bass player with extensive CVs (Broadway, label artists, jingles, sessions, etc.) that they would give a fair amount of shit to. IOW, they had no clue.


They never bothered me much after that (and I didn't change my sound on IGF either!). I eventually quit that band after getting seriously short bread on a travel gig. They were happy to replace me with a guy that brought two keyboards and not puny little controllers, I'm talking real keyboards, baby! A few months later they asked me to come back I guess looks aren't everything, right? I did go back for a while, but on much better terms for me; you know, "don't tell the other guys our arrangement" kind of terms!


The moral of this story is that "listening with your eyes" is not something limited to non-musicians.

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