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Semi OT: whistling through a microphone


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I have to whistle in one of our tunes in a chorus. It's not a really loud band, but I am having a hard time hearing myself back. The volume is fine when I sing. The band is saying they hear me. Any tips?




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Perhaps you hear less noise in your head than when singing, because when you whistle the noise originates from your lips instead of down in your vocal cords. Maybe you can try to reinforce what you hear by having a clear piece of plastic held in front of your chin (below the mic), tilted up to reflect some sound back at you.
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This is really tough. We did Supertramp "Goodbye Stranger" which has significant whistling. All else aside, bet advice is get really close to the mic but blow SIDEWAYS in front of the mic. It picks up the sound but you aren't blowing the wind INTO the mic.


You can also inhale whistle. I do that.



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You can also experiment with different songs to see if the approach needs to be varied depending on the tune or can be applied universally. (And hopefully whistling doesn't become feedback.)


The inhale whistling definitely helps with the breathing issues of vocals.


Some more whistling songs:

Dock of the Bay

Young Folks

Pumped Up Kicks


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