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Can you migrate from SetList Maker on Ipad to Android tablet

Bob L

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Has anyone using Setlist Maker migrated from iPad to Android tablet. I would like to give my son my iPad, but I can't give up Setlist Maker. Similar question - does anyone know how to easily backup Setlist Maker data. If my iPAd ever croaked, it would be nice to know I could restore everything to a new tablet.


Hope someone has made this transition and can provide their guidance and experience.

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Hi Bob. Setlist maker is very easy to backup. Each database has under SETTINGS, a DATABASE SYNC option. This allows you to upload all info stored in that database to the setlist maker cloud. From there you it can be accessed by anyone with the password. I use it to sync between my phone and two iPads. (However, I do not know whether you can sync from Apple to android).


Also, be aware that if you have documents, they do not sync. They would have to be imported separately. Only the setlist maker infomation syncs..... But what a BRILLIANT feature. It got me out of a large hole recently when I forgot to bring my iPad to a gig....I simply synced my phone and used that instead. :)

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I made the jump to BandHelper a while back. It was kind of a painful transition for me since I had about 30 databases in Set List Maker - I had to create BandHelper projects for each, import the SLM databases into the corresponding project, import all the documents into BandHelper (I had to rename most of them for BandHelper's batch document import to work, and even then some still had to be manually attached), and reconcile all my custom fields. That last one was the worst. In all of the 30+ SLM databases, I have a field called "Patch" and a field called "Quicknotes." When you import multiple SLM databases into a single band helper account, the custom fields from each database are considered separate custom fields in BandHelper even if they are named identically, so if you want to make a single layout incorporating one or more custom fields that will work for all databases, you have to pick one copy of the custom field in BandHelper that will be your "official" one (probably the one that belongs to your largest database), temporarily rename it to identify it as the official one, make that field accessible to all projects, and then step through every song in every project, copying the custom field contents from that project's field to the designated all-projects field. I made heavy use of a keyboard macro program to accomplish this in a timely fashion.


All that was a much bigger pain for me than it would be for most users due to the sheer number of projects I had built up, and not wanting to lose any of them.


It's really nice now that it's done and I have a browser-based interface for working on setlists. Also, documents sync from device to device on BandHelper, which is a nice added feature that SLM didn't have (as xKnuckles pointed out).

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I used Set List Maker (on iOS) previously, but never got the backup to function properly (may be due to the proprietary cloud service not being available/stable).


Even if you get some answers here, I'd really recommend getting in touch with the developer. That kind of questions is great feedback for them and may help improve the service and app.


Best of luck!

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