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OT- How to contact marketing department of large companies

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This has nothing to do with my other post about obtaining CD sponsors. I need to know if anyone knows how I could contact the marketing department of large companies. Like, some kind of 800 number directory or online directory. A directory of phone numbers, fax numbers or email addresses.


Say, I wanted to contact companies that build widgets... their marketing department. What would be the best way to do that. Say I want to spend 30 to 60 days doing that. I would need to rapidly contact as many as possible. Thus, some kind of directory.

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I'd just use our good ol friend the internet. Dig up the web addresses of the "widget builders" of your choice and get their phone#s. Once you contact their main office, ask to be referred to the marketing dept. and get a contact person's name. Now, you've got a real, and hopefully living human being to deal with.


It's a little bit of leg work, but it does work.


Michael Oster

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