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Derek Sherinian

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After 16 years, my Nord Lead 3 is malfunctioning for the first time- pretty great run I would say!


I turn it on, it is normal with the exception that in poly mode, some of the voices are not triggering- then after about 15-20 seconds, the sound and display just goes haywire.


Has anybody else experienced this?


Thank you

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I don't recall anyone here owning one Derek. Standard for this type issue is to open the unit and check/re-seat the connectors, especially those coming from the power supply. On a keyboard this old oxidation of connectors could be the cause of your observed conditions (if you're lucky). Following visual inspection for obvious issues like leaky caps, burnt components etc. your next step would be checking each of the power supply voltages going from the power supply to the different circuit boards. You'll most likely need service documentation which may or may not be available on line.


At this point depending on your technical skills, available tools and time you may opt to take it to a service center instead.

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