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He was hated by the band and their friends in the early days after duane for testifying for the state against band members on drug charges. That seems to be forgiven as he rejoined the ABB later. Then he got fired for missing gigs due to addiction issues. If theres more than that im not aware. As for writing him out of ABB history, pretty hard to do seeing he wrote their biggest songs and sang on Ramblin Man their only hit.
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HA! "Gratingly Dead". I LIKE that! :D As good as a guy I know callin' them "GRATEFULLY Dead" ;)


Funny that Baldwin said "Ramblin' Man" was their only "hit". When I consider it's one of their songs that I DIDN'T like, I always wondered about that.


I'm sure the band has what they think are good reasons for elbowing Dickie out of their story. I wouldn't presume to say what they can, or cannot do.


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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The ABB was pretty much anther version of the greg allman band with a couple of original members when it reformed. It pretty much was a touring tribute of past glory. I dont recall any classic songs that come from this era, mabe there were some i dont remember. Crazy Love was pretty good. Written by Don Johnson yeah that don johnson. Dickey was prettymuch just a sideman when he rejoined. Greg would have had the power. Onthat basis Dickey could have been replaced by anyone who could mimic his old riffs.


I think the collective addictions were so bad at that time nobody was writing much and what was written wasnt like the old stuff. A cliche that was true even back then and perhaps almost as far back as the begining of recording artists.

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