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Love is a Battlefield vs Boys of Summer


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(Apologizes if this is old news to many here -- just thinking those who didn't know may find it interesting. :) (


Was listening to an 80's station and "Love is a Battlefield" came on. I don't know how I missed it before, but I said to my wife "Is it me, or does the backing track sound like "Boys of Summer?".


So I took to the Google and found this:


From Wikipedia:

"In an interview with Knoxville.com, Neil Giraldo, Pat Benatar's guitarist and husband, says that Henley came in the studio while he was in the process of recording the song "Love Is a Battlefield" using an up tempo beat, and asked Giraldo if he could steal the sound for use in his song, "The Boys of Summer", to which Giraldo gave his permission.[8] Both "Love Is A Battlefield" and "The Boys of Summer" rely heavily on the Linn LM-2 drum machine."




I don't know how this escaped me for so long.. I know both these songs really well and never made the connection.


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Hmmm. Never noticed that. I like both songs and we used to play Boys of Summer.

Same situation here. Gonna have to give LIAB a closer listen. Thanks for that interesting back story DulceLabs. :thu:

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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