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Talkin Bout a HardDrive Revolution Well You Know.....We All Want a Terabyte

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That's amazing, and to think PDAs will probably have 50 terabyte RAM memories within the decade.


I've hardly tapped into my 60G drive. I remember back in '92 at work an IMB system was installed and it had two, count 'em, two 400MB drives and that was just way over the top. Then about a year later the guy that was in charge of it bought a 500MB HD from a new place called Fry's for $300. Then in '96 I bought my first 2.1G drive and some people thought my ego was out of control. :)


It scares me to think of what little kids will be growing up with in the years to come and not think anything of it.

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I actually think that the hard drive as we know it is not long for this world; I would think that if flash rom keeps going the way it is going, we will be plugging flash cards in a slot every time we want to boot up and boot up will be instant because there will be no drives of any kind, no moving parts at all to speak of other than fans to keep the CPU cool, but then again, what if the CPU were on the SAME flash card as the ROM/RAM?
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That terabyte drive and the laptop are very impressive.


...anybody got any spare cash?!





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With this unsurpassed storage capacity, the LaCie Bigger Disk allows users to store nearly two years of continuous music and up to one month of non-stop MPEG-2 video
You gotta love it.


rt, those laptops look great, but the low end model (3.0GHz P4) is $4,000 with 256MB of RAM and a 40Gig 5400RPM harddrive? Are they joking? But, hey for $5,000 they up that to 512 and 80GB (still at 5400, though)!! It is unbelievable what some companies charge for their laptops. Forgetting Macs, are Alienware's and the "L store's" stuff really that much better than the competition that they charge double what everyone else is charging for comparable specs?

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