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Jazz-Rock home studio realease

Phil Maynard

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Hello, new member here. I have a new release inspired by 70's Jazz-Rock, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Weather Report, many others. This may be of more than passing interest to guitarists as this materiel is largely improvised though it doesn't sound it and it's also a solo effort. I'm playing all the instruments, overdubbing, guitar, real drums, guitar synthesizer. I have a website which just went live with 30 second samples.


The CD and download is available on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, and many others.


Anyway I hope you get a chance to listen to the CD, would appreciate any comments there.


I'm currently working on a trio project "Round Angle Sound" which is quite a bit different direction, we hope to get that out winter/2017


Artist Website: http://philmaynardmusic.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/PhilMaynardMusic



Phil Maynard

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Some would smack yer hand fer marketing on ye 1st post but the quality of what you offer trumps any complaints !



"Pro Musica", eh ?

I thought that name seemed familiar.


Took a quick ear trip through yer site samples---very skilled & well produced.

Not really that many guitarists play as fast as horn players routinely do.


What's that progression I almost recognize at the back of "Dance of the Sailor" ?




Folks, dig this !

Go to Phil's FBook site (see above) & chk his solo acoustic 12 string gtr vid ! [direct link unavailable]


Very surprisingly, it reminds me of Peter Green (once the master of Fleet Would Mac ).


UH OH, I gotta get BUSY !


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Yes! fine sound and playing-the very first sample `Rain Dance 30s` recalls `So What`, a tune I`ve jammed with live on several occasions.


My foundations are also in improvisation, in the U.S. Having spent much of my subsequent life in Asia, I`m often...how do I say...confused? as to how hard a time people have with the idea, especially in Japan. They have the education. They have the chops. It`s still really hard for them. I`ve heard a lot of live bands here. Most of them are tight and well-rehearsed. Until this past summer, I never heard someone take a solo that impressed me-in fact I rarely heard any solos at all. I think the person I mention may have lived overseas, he was Japanese but the group was from Stockholm.

Anyway good stuff-I`ll spare you the reminder to use the `Post Your Music Here` part of the forum.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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