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Kawai VPC1 live users?


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Hey folks,


I've gotten a good five years of use out of a Yamaha P95 as a weighted controller for the piano sounds in my Nord Stage 2 EX SW73, but I'm thinking about finally pulling the trigger on a Kawai VPC1 for that role.


I would be playing live with it. I gigged out with a Yamaha CP300 for many years (still do, when in Oklahoma for a couple months out of the year), so the weight/schlep factor is not really a big deal to me.


Mainly wondering about how they've been holding up for the long-time users, especially from those of you who've been using them live (if anyone has?).


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Try copying this into your URL bar " site:www.pianoworld.com/forum/ kawai vpc-1 "


I don't know a lot, well any, live users for this piece. But there's owners for sure.


I do recall a conversation not too long back about having a custom case built for it.

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i had not posted a reply as I have not gigged mine yet, but here is my 2 cents worth. I did have a flight case made for both potential gigging, and for general ease of moving the keyboard around. It is holding up just fine in the studio, and continues to be a pleasure to play. As far as gigging it, it would have to be a pretty special show for me to take it out. In the case it's big, I think its topping out at over 100 lbs, and my instinct tells me I probably should move it as horizontally as possible. I am not gigging right now, and sold my dp. My thinking at this time should I decide to gig again, would be to buy another slab and continue to dedicate the VPC 1 to the studio.

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