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Pick 3 vintage analogs

J. Dan

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... one of the cool things about the units comprised of SEM modules is that each voice had its own independent set of controls, so all the notes of a chord didn't have to sound exactly the same.


That feature set exists also in the Oberheim Xpander and Matrix-12 when you use Multi Patch Mode and assign individual single patches to each voice.

Not enough, every patch for each voice is still editable in that Mode and in opposite to the SEM based units, it´s total recall.

Each voice can operate on a different MIDI channel which makes 6 individual 2-OSC mono synths from a Xpander and like the LFO in the Oberheim 4-voice´s programmer, both the Xpander and Matrix-12 also offer a global LFO in addition to the existing 5 for each individual voice.




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1. Jupiter-8: I already have this one. Great sound and best user interface ever.

2. Pro-One: I have this. Slightly beats out my Minimoog.

3. System-700: Monstrous.


Mike Kent

- Chairman of MIDI 2.0 Working Group

- MIDI Association Executive Board

- Co-Author of USB Device Class Definition for MIDI Devices 1.0 and 2.0


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