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Mohawks (Alan Hawkshaw) : Senior Thump - alt. version?

Kawai James

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Hello chaps,


I'm a big fan of the Alan Hawkshaw/KPM Music output from the late 60s, and particularly love the funky-as-hell 'Senior Thump':




It's a cool, moody tune, and one that I was fortunate to play live a few years ago.


Anyway, my question is whether there was an alternative version/edit of this track ever released. I own the original version linked in the video above, however I'm 50% certain that I have also heard an alternative version with some backing 'Ahhhh' vocals that play through the refrains at around 0:46, 1:32, and 2:18.


I've never been able to find this version - something that's bugged me for years, so thought I would ask here in case some of the knowledgeable organ+rare groove guys can confirm whether or not it actually exists!


Thanks in advance!





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James, on the US iTunes store there is a 5:07 version called "Extended Mix". I don't know if it's in the Japanese iTunes, but you can check the US store if it's not by changing the icon in the very bottom right corner of the store page to the US flag. It sounds similar to your version to me, but worth checking.


I'd never even heard of the tune until now. Whomever has the publishing is sitting pretty..that thing's been sampled by a ton of artists.

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