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R.I.P. Mose Allison


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Lord, I saw him at Birdland in the sixties.. A good man and fine performer. Rest in peace Mr Allison.

I have personally lost a number of musicians this year.


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Shit. Another great loss, but at least he lived a full life. He still played at Blues Alley here once a year or so up until this year. He even has a menu item named after him there.

"Mose Allisons Cajun Crawfish-Salmon Cakes $22.50

Served on a Bed of Rice w/Seasonal Vegetables & Homemade Remoulade"



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My guess is that Mose lived a good life in his later years.


Tunes like "Your Mind is on Vacation" contain such great lines.... "If silence is golden, you couldn't raise a dime". Who else could deliver that?


One of his later records was titled" Ever Since the World Ended". He had the good sense to feature Johhny Vidacovich on drums and Bennie Wallace on Tenor.It's an excellent and very entertaining record - on Blue Note.


A great tune from that record was " You Call it Jogging, but I Call it Running Around" - about of course, a woman who ( he thinks ) is cheating on him on while she claims to be jogging. With his unique humor, the spoof is really about the type of person whose overly suspicious thoughts have run rampant.


I was surprised that Mose was 89. I guess I picture him as being forever that southern guy with that Ivy League look who recorded all the great stuff on Atlantic in the 50's and 60's.

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Allison wasn't well known in Europe, except for a few I-know-it-all people - but believe it or not, he was one of my biggest early influences, when I started playing jazz at 14 or 15. Precisely because he was so distant from any European tradition, he had a fascinating sound to my ears, one which I identified as purely American. So I started listening to him (among others) in the hope to get that jazz feel. At that time I wasn't able to appreciate his lyrics, but later I included that in my reasons to love him. How could you not love Mose Allison...

Very sad to learn that he's dead. RIP.


2016, the killer year. I wish it would be over tomorrow.

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He lived by me here on LI, 2 towns over in Smithtown. I helped set up the CP-300 they got for him at the Riverhead Blues festival and got his wife and daughter seats...No one knew anything about the CP-300, had just come out and supplied new by Ash for the show. I wasn't supposed to do that, I had already played and I just turned the back corner of the stage and his wife and daughter and Mose were all getting out of a car, so weird how it happened.... just like an usher I went automatic like I was there personal liaison and got them all seats, they all looked tired. The CP-300 sounded so bad that day they way it was run into the mains..you know the Yamaha run in Mono thing but it was run in Stereo, just EQed badly..didn't do him justice... but he played his whole set solo and sang....

He was Mose.. RIP!

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A major loss to all that appreciate great keys, song writing and lyrics. Many fine tunes and difficult to figure out. Love Molecular Structure (I am a chemist by training). Allison in Wonderland - fine stuff very bluesy dude. I never did no man no harm, although I did shoot my wife. Amazing


RIP dude



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He was 89, that's pretty good run. Nothing to be upset about, but it is a good time to appreciate a great player who purposefully blazed a trail a little ways off the beaten path.

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