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It Was Two Years Ago Tomorrow.......

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that Sergeant Wewus taught the band to play....or something.


That's right frinks. Two years ago I stumbled across this vast wasteland, of wasted talent, called the MusicPlayer Forums.


Many things have transpired during that time. I moved to California and came back, The Forums splintered into seperate groups, dolphins developed means to communicate directly into my mind, and I felt the Earth move under my feet, I felt the sky come tumbling down, tumbling down...


and yet some things remain the same...Craig Anderton is still our stalwart Leader, who has never wavered in his love of music, and musicians, Lee and Phil are still two of my favorite online personalitys, and I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing. :D


One thing I have figured out IS....putting my thoughts into words, helps me clarify them, for sure.


I used to think I would become a writer, but now I know......I are one.

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Sergeant Wewus,


What did you teach the band to play? What kind of band? Are they punk, rock, punk rock, country punk, punk daddy, grandmaster punk, or just plain punk pop?


And are they guaranteed to "raise a smile"?


Michael Oster

F7 Sound and Vision

ReGurgiTron - you\'ll smile, then you\'ll cringe, sort of.

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I'm trying to remember the pre-Wewus foum, and find I can't.


I do recall the immediate debate of "Wewus: troll or not?". I'm glad we all correctly decided "not".


Always glad to have to here, Steve. In a world of instability, you are a bastion of whatever you are.


- Jeff

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  http://www.salorlando.com/images/wthu.gif   http://www.salorlando.com/images/wthu.gif   http://www.salorlando.com/images/wthu.gif   http://www.salorlando.com/images/wthu.gif   http://www.salorlando.com/images/wthu.gif   http://www.salorlando.com/images/wthu.gif   http://www.salorlando.com/images/wthu.gif
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Originally posted by Tedster:

I have no idea what date I came on board. It was sometime in September of 2000, I think.

Ted, sometime during your multitude of posts, at least once you must have looked at one of your own to see the date you registered, since it's right there under every post you make. :D


Yes, September 2000 is correct. Nice call. :thu:


- Jeff

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Originally posted by TheWewus:

Yeah man I'm back in N.C......long story, but I love California too, I'll be going back there for sure.

Ahh... there go's the neighborhood!


Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome baaaaaacccck.



Famous Musical Quotes: "I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve" - Xavier Cugat

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Well as Sal pointed out, tomorrow is the actual date of my first post here.


That job in Mira Loma really sucked. Nobody cared what they were doing, it was just a go through the motions type thing.


The guy in charge of the department was in Seattle, and didn't seem to give a flying fuck what we did. I got in a big argument with him about giving us the right tools to do the job, and setting the place up like a real piano shop, and cleaning the place up because it was nasty as hell, and he just kept dragging his feet.


I also had a lot of health concerns about that place. That warehouse IS nasty as hell. There's shit floating in the air all the time, and the floors are coated with a layer of black grunge, that gets all over you, and especially on your hands if you pick up anything that's been on the floor, like a dropcord. To top it off the guys I worked with ocassionally sprayed laquer into the air without a spraybooth or any ventilation, and they also worked with polyester resins without any kind of respirator or protective equipment, which is really stupid, and.... illegal.


Also that area where I was working, and living has THE WORST Particulate Matter air pollution in the country, and fourth worst in The World right behind cities like Calcutta, India. Mira Loma is the epicenter of that pollution, which is caused mainly by all the diesel trucks going to and from the megawarehouses there, but also by ammonia from the dairy farms near by, and pollution drift from Orange County. It's bad in many parts of Southern California, but it's really, really bad right there. Scientist are coming from all over the country to study the pollution there because it's so amazingly bad. If you're interested do a web search for something like Mira Loma pollution.


Right about the time I was arguing with my boss and found out all this crap about the air pollution there, I also found out my room mate was a real bad crackhead. I always wondered why he spent so much time alone in his room. Well that was why. I came in the side door of the garage one day because I forgot the garage door opener and there he was toking up with his little glass pipe. So he told me this whole long story about being addicted to crack, and getting busted, and going through rehab, and starting back, and getting busted again, and on and on, it's a really sad story. I had no idea. The guy makes $85,000 a year, looks fairly straight, and he's a Hugh Jazz crackhead. I just didn't feel safe there anymore.


Bottom line, I just wasn't making it there, so I split. I could have looked for another job, and another place to live, but that was the third place I'd lived since I got there, and I just couldn't hack it anymore. I really love California though. I don't know if I'd want to live there again, but I'll definitely be back to visit.

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:wave: Hi Mr. Wewus! Glad yer back!


Here... Have a mug of HENRY'S BEER! :thu:




Is There Gas In The Car? :cool:

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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Welcome back and congrats on the 2 year post, Steve.


You have to come to visit Philly before visiting Cali again. It's much closer and there's less crack and polution.


Besides, Philly has Erik and CMDN, and California never will.

I really don't know what to put here.
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