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Music Fair Report (Headzup Fred C)

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Hey everyone

Well this time I barely had half a day, but it was another head spinning cornucopia of guitar madness, at the every two-year Tokyo Music Instrument Fair.

Since I had so little time I basically toyed around on a couple of pianos, and then dove into guitar land.

Two things to note-unfortunately I lost my moile phone a couple of months ago and haven`t replaced it yet, so no pictures.

Also, the day before I took my main electric in for a quick adjustment, and out of curiosity picked up-so to speak-a V-pick. More about that in a separate post.

So here briefly, is what happened.

I had time for only one acoustic maker-Breedlove. Don`t remember the model but it played very nice. The problem with acoustics in this kind of environment is, the ambient instrument noise makes it very difficult to hear what`s going on. They really need some kind of isolation room although the wait would probably be prohibitive.


Evo guitars-I believe one of the guys form thins company introduced himself on this forum not long ago. These are the guitars with the cast aluminum bodies.

Well the sound is definitely on the bright side, as one might expect. But they are light, very playable and a big favor to international travelers, or anyone who has to transport their guitar in a freezing cold car.


Relish guitars from Switzerland-had a nice chat with the company president and he may be back in touch online after the show, kool guy. This company is going in some very kool directions. The back cover plate is magnetized-no screws. Just take a guitar pick and flip it off. The pickups turn on and off by LED touch sensors-no knobs. Unique styling too, worth a look.


Fred C

Was it Seventy Seven guitars you were asking about before?

btw the company was established in 1977, hence the name.

I tried two, both semi hollow-the Exrubato and the Stork.

Impressions-very solid, fine workmanship, comfortable to play.

The necks have binding which some could find a bit gaudy but,

it`s an aesthetic choice.

Now if you`re sensing a BUT in here somewhere....


BUT-the necks are decidedly C shape. Very beefy, almost baseball bat-like.

I found the fretboard on the narrow side for my hand size, reminiscent of an LP. Depending on your own hand size it could make chord-melodies a challenge.


The return of Optima strings

The rep told me that the company went through several corporate handoffs-they are still available online but, they are now well positioned and could be back on store shelves in Tokyo as early as next month, in both chrome and gold versions. Frankly I`ll believe it when I see it-I`m still saving my gold sets from back in the day.


No sign of Roger Mayer this time-it was the last day, he may have opted out.


More may be added later.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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Thanks for remembering my inquiry.


Yeah, I had a phonecon with the only USA dealer and he mentioned the chunky neck carve.


Then I bought my Heritage H575 Custom and upgraded the electronics in my '97 Epi Sheraton. I am no longer in the market for a new guitar. Although I would love a Peerless Imperial or a Heritage H555 semi-hollow body. GAS has a life of its own and never goes away completely.


Thanks again for keeping me in mind.


Be well and play well, my friend.

If you play cool, you are cool.
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