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Way OT: My daily driver


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I've been watching a few smartphone vids on YouTube recently and heard something unusual. To me, anyway. The people reviewing the smartphones sometimes referred to them as "my daily driver."


Excuse me... your what? :freak:


When most of us hear the word "driver," we probably are thinking software driver, perhaps a chauffeur, or a golf club, but definitely not a phone. Is this the new designation for these devices? Maybe we are just behind the times here in sleepy SE Pennsylvania.

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The expression "daily driver" did originally refer just to cars, and translated, roughly, as "the inexpensive vehicle that I drive to work everyday: the one with just basic features, lots of dings and scratches, and will not make me cry if it gets crushed or stolen." This, as opposed to "my sweet, expensive ride that I drive only for fun on the weekends, or when I want to be 'seen'".


Now the term has become a generic idiom for anything that's just a bare-bones, vanilla, plain-Jane model (there's three more idioms for you :) ) of anything that just does basic tasks, well-enough.


Now, a lot of people have two cars, two wristwatches, maybe even two laptop computers. But I've never owned two cellphones at the same time -- a "daily driver" and my "weekend sport". Have phones now risen to the level of cars and become status symbols, to the extent that people now have a beater (idiom!) to throw onto the dash, and another one to impress the neighbors?



(I love etymology :thu: )

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Actually - if both phones use SIM card - one could remove the SIM from one and install in the other and access the same cell phone number.


Only reason I'd go through such would be high-crime area where one's phone might be stolen or taken by force, use the beat-up old one daily, then change to a better looking phone for events.


Reason I know this - my almost 2 year old iPhone 6 developed a swelled battery, which caused the screen to bend somewhat and the left side to come up about 1/16" inch. Carried it to the nearest approved Apple Repair center this morning - they are sending to Apple to replace under "quality assurance."

The center is about 45 miles away, so I asked them to send the repair to my home. They removed the SIM card, told me that Apple will send me a new (I assume this includes refurbished) phone. I asked about having Verizon setup the new phone, they said the SIM card would make the needed changes for the phone (of course, I'll have to set up and restore from iTunes).

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Well that is always possible but if it did happen a new genuine battery for a Windows phone can be purchased for around $13. My first wireless charging phone was ready for a new battery after 2.5 years of use.


The phone software controls the charging cycle. Once the battery is charged it stops sucking juice from the plate no matter how long the phone is then left on the plate.


It is also a feature of some Windows tablets, my Acer Tablet supports wireless charging. It also can be opened and the battery replaced.

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I've used the phrase "daily driver" just as a matter-of-fact thing. I call my Kawai grand "my daily driver" and not at all disparagingly as I love the thing. Heck, that's why I play it every day.

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I just sit my phone on a charging plate now, what's with this plugin stuff?


I just plug the biotissue token into the slot in my C2 vertebrae - what's with this phone stuff?


Two tugs to switch to vibrate only?

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