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Heavy Orchestra library users how much Power do i need?

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In The Market for a New Pc(maybe hackingtosh). I want to do classical

and movie type orchestra arrangements. with power hungry VSt

like eastwest sample libraries , using the latest version of PT

thats my plan.

how much power do i need for smooth run ??

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It depends on a bunch of things: The particular VST, the host, # of "instances" and tracks. My advice is to overspec and future proof it for at least a couple of weeks. LOL.


Look aroundL There are "benchmark" processor tests that will show you where to draw the line with processors, as the law of diminishing return kicks in (ie spending 2x as much on a certain processor will only get you a 20% boost). That's over simplified, but there it is.


I think you should decide on the platform (PC/MAC) and what particular VST's and DAW you want to use and go from there for some real-world feedback.


Good luck!


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Above advice great. When it comes to plugs Ive found all of the ProjectSam products to be outstanding, and a lot more stable than some of the others. I have most of the EW stuff, fine products for sure, but I have more problems w/EW than I do w/PSam. Plus the PS stuff sounds great right out of the box. I can use more instances and tracks w/Sam too.

Its worth a try to check out GC in your area, as some of them have a Mac setup w/some plugs installed. I just have a seat and check out what they have. Not true of all GC's but I have found a few things to at least check out. Good luck.

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A little OT...


I arrange orchestral stuff now and again. And well thought out arrangements (written for an orchestra, or variations within) greatly reduces your channel count.


Sometimes I'll listen to stuff, and look at sessions, and you can sometimes can mute, for example, the cellos because the trombones are masking those lines anyway. Think like the orchestra is in front of you. Of course; percussion bits n bobs, hits, FX, etc. take up a few tracks but they're not power hungry, generally.

Do you really need 10 French horns?


My stuff is usually only mock ups to demo or track vocals to etc. but can get 40 tracks in Logic on an ancient (2007 - slightly upgraded) iMac. With external stuff, too.





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In The Market for a New Pc(maybe hackingtosh).


I would be VERY hesitant to build a DAW in a Hackintosh.

If you want Mac, buy a mac. The minis are fairly powerful and reasonably enough priced.


I've never tried one but I understand that Hackintosh builds are tenuous in terms of compatibility and drivers.

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For that much $$, you can get a 2011 or 2012 quad i7 Mini with 16 G RAM and a 1TB SSD - or a similar vintage Macbook Pro. I own both, and they sre sufficient that I could run EastWest pianos (only one I have, though it is running on a PC DAW).


Recent iMacs can go up to 32G of RAM. However, recent Mini is only available with dual core processor, and has RAM soldered on the board.


I have built computers, considered a hackingtosh, but the more I looked into it, the less comfortable with the idea. Primary reason for running under OS X instead of Windows is to get something that just plain works, and don't have to fiddle with it every time a new program is added. I guess it would be OK if one got a working version of the OS X and did not update it, nor update any of the programs. Otherwise too much likelihood that something in software breaks.


For most compatibility, one needs Intel motherboard that is very similar to the Apple board in all components. Even then, you do not have the ROM that makes a Mac a Mac.

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I've been running a hackintosh for 4 years with Logic X and mainly Native Instruments stuff.


I disagree about stability - it's been bombproof, but I generally stay one OS release behind the latest (just upgraded to El Capitan).

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