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ForScore iPad problem


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Hi all,


I'm running into an issue with the iPad ForScore app. It's been a while since I used it, but I do recall importing charts into it using the iOS share sheet in the Mail app. But for some reason, I'm trying to do it now and when I open the share sheet, ForScore is not listed there. Any ideas why? Is there a way to add it to the share sheet list? Thanks!

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With attachments on the iOS 10 you get a row of horizontal apps with colored icons that you can open or import the file with - you can scroll them, and at the end there is a More button which allows you to set on/off preferences for additional apps that may have the functionality to open the file type. Below that you get a row of gray icons that describe things you can do with the file. Any luck there?


Otherwise, you save the image and try bringing it into ForScore from your photos.


Or, ForeScore supports several cloud storage solutions like DropBox and Google Drive. Setup a free account and store your PDFs/JPGs of music what have you up there and import them directly into ForScore from the cloud.

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