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I want interviewees!

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Ok here's the premise. I have a website, and half of it is my personal site. When I can, I interview people for a "feature interview". The intention here is to interview people in industries related to things I like such as music or movies or video games. And I mean interviewing the pros. Or I interview people with creative webdesign or artwork, influences.


Now I'll be honest, my site doesn't get a boatload of visitors per day, but it gets them. The whole point of the interviews is to enable others to learn more, and myself learn more, and have fun.


So if you are a professional producer, engineer, something along those lines (i.e. you do work in a real studio, not an amateur or fakin' it) and care to reply to some questions via e-mail for a feature interview, please let me know. I love doing these, I have one up I did awhile back with Mark Romanek, (a video director) about 2 of his Nine Inch Nails videos.


And you know, I could use more content :wave:

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Originally posted by Philip O'Keefe:

I don't know if I'm what you're looking for, but I'd be game for giving it a try.

Phil, are you an "evil" studio owner? An "evil" studio owner would make for a great interview.


Michael Oster

F7 Sound and Vision

ReGurgiTron - sounds evil, but is harmless.

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Originally posted by Phait:

I'm looking for people from studios like The Hit Factory or.. I dunno, those big studios with big clients. :P

Yeah sure but alternately those studios are looking for accredited journalists to interview them. If you get my meaning? ;)
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i am only a small-time studio owner, with 3 CDs to my credit, but i have had an interesting career as a photographer. i started out doing fine art work, and have several images in the collections of seattle and portland art museums. i went on to architectural photography, and have been shooting large-format archival work for the library of congress for the past 15 years. i mostly shoot historic buidlings and bridges. if this is of interest to you, i am willing to discuss it.


sunridge studios

salem, oregon

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Phait's looking for "big names" to interview. I'm interested in increasing my stature in the industry (along with everyone else). But as has already been pointed out, the big names want to work with the big names. It's certainly a Catch 22.


Phait, I hope you're able to find the the type of people that you want to interview. I sincerely mean that. Best of luck - go DO it!

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