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Sticky Fingers - not that, no.

Adam Burgess

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Piano players...! I asked on Facebook but my 'friends' didn't really help!


So, two days in a row I've played piano in really humid conditions here in the Middle Eastern deserts... (almost outdoors - like lobby/terrace areas with doors open - so a mix of natural humidity and the AC). Yeah, it's bad for the pianos, i know.


Any tricks for stopping my fingers sticking and squeaking? Really slowing me down and slides just don't work.


Finger ends are not sweaty - just seems the humidity makes all the sand outside stick and make them, well, sticky...


In other news, played my new Kronos 2 73 in similar conditions yesterday , and didn't seem so bad. They're all plastics?!?


Thanks for anyone who does this regularly. I'm usually indoors fully AC'd.



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I am reaching memory-wise, but I do believe Stanley Clarke used or uses Mennon Skin Bracer ... and I did a long time ago. Then later I would spray a little "Finger Ease" on my fingers.

But these possible remedies were applied to bass guitar strings.

I also long ago experienced the mystery of nervousnous causing an inexplicable almost glue like substance to show up on my fingers!! Seriously.

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I use talc powder on my hands. Put lots on, work it in, then shake off the excess. Makes a big difference.


The only downside is that bringing it to a gig in a plastic baggie can be disruptive. Do not touch your nose ... :cool:

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I clean my keys with Pledge furniture polish. Spray it on a rag and wipe them down. Cleans the gook off and leaves them slick. I keep it in the equipment case drawer.



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