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Modal 002 : could that be my only controller?


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Hi everyone!

Been a couple of years since i last posted on the forum.

Here's the story: i equally like playing piano stuff (specially now with Keyscape) as well as pure electronic stuff, tweaking synths and making electro, retro wave and all of that.

Right now i have a Casio PX-5s as my controller for my small home studio. It's controlling basically everything: my PC with all the softies inside, and my analog synths.

I'm lusting bad after the Modal 002 as a wonderful sounding contrast to my analogs. Sold some smaller stuff and now finally have the funds for it.

My main drawback though, is that all of my small home studio is pretty much concentrated on one desk. On it sits the keyboard and the synths and everything else. To my left there's a tiny 27 inch desk just for the computer screen, mouse etc and NI Maschine.

And let's say for the sake of argument, that somehow i could squeeze the Modal 002 somehow, somewhere - there's also my wife which won't appreciate very much the appearance of a second keyboard in the already very crowded room.


This means i can only allow one keyboard on this desk. I really want the Modal 002, but this means it will be the keyboard controller instead of the casio. This means giving up playing an 88 keyboard with hammer action - in favor of a 61 keyboard with semi weighted/synth action.

I lose more than 2 octaves, and the feel of the hammer action. I got used to playing synth parts on hammer action keys. Another thing i lose is the pitch and mod wheels - in favor of the modal's x/y joystick.

But from a keyboard perspective there are a few pros, besides the cons. For one - the modal 002 has aftertouch, which i gave up when i got the Casio PX5s. Another point is that the Casio doesn't have an expression pedal input - while the modal does.


So it's a dilemma. I thought about maybe getting the modal rack version, the 002r. But the thing is it's almost knob-less, and the 80% of all the fun with the 002 is tweaking it.

A 3rd option is to give up the modal 002 idea, and go for another synth i had my eye on - the analogue solutions Polymath. That is something complete different from the modal obviously, and joins my other analog synths - just with a different sound color. Love its sound - but admit the main motivation of even considering that is just because of its form factor which keeps the Casio as the main kb controller.


I need some advice. What would you do if you wanted the modal 002 so bad, but could keep only one keyboard? Would you give up an 88 kb hammer action keyboard in favor of a 61 kb just because you're dying for these sounds?

Vermona Perfourmer mkii, Nord Stage 3 76
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GAS is difficult for sure. Only you can decide what is best for you. If it were me, I would keep the 88 note controller regardless of the brand. I am not you, however.


Oh, if i get the 002 i'm still keeping the Casio. Only, it'll go down to the storage room and get used when i need it for rehersals with my students in school. It's the home studio work i'm conflicted about.

Vermona Perfourmer mkii, Nord Stage 3 76
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Conventional wisdom would be to keep the PX-5S in the studio as your controller. However, the 002 might be the best choice for you. Question is, how much do you need the weighted keys in your studio ? The 002 is a fantastic synth. It gave me a massive case of GAS when I played it at Sweetwater GearFest, 2014.


My late friend and mentor, Tom Howard, surprised me with his choice of controller in his project studio. Though he had extensive keyboards and modules - and a grand piano in another room of the house, he used a Roland JD-800 for core tracking of his film demos and scoring projects. While Tom was a solid pianist, the majority of his work involved heavy-duty digital 'orchestra' tracking - and the JD was his indispensable go-to for controlling within Digital Performer, plus providing a handful of his signature sounds.

'Someday, we'll look back on these days and laugh; likely a maniacal laugh from our padded cells, but a laugh nonetheless' - Mr. Boffo.


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