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Kronos 2 - remap footswitch jack to expression or volume?

Dave Osoff

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Hey all,

I am trying to figure out how to remap the footswitch Jack on my Kronos 2 to act as a a 2nd expression pedal to control my Virus B synth. No problem using the 2 together in combo mode and adjusting levels via sliders or controlling either Virus or Kronos volume via expression, but ideally I'd like to set up a 2nd expression pedal (either an FC7 or EV5) for real time midi volume control of the Virus synth only and still have the other expression pedal available for the Korg.


I do own a Midi Solutions Event Processor + and tried a few programming strategies using the default cc82 on the footswitch Jack and remapping it to cc 11 and using multiple commands in succession to cover the 0-127 range of the expression pedal, but no dice.

also tried a few other tricks reassigning the Footswitch Jack to other destinations and then attempting to remap those, but the best I've come up with is getting my expression pedal to turn the volume of the virus on and off, but nothing in between.


Has anybody successfully done something like this with the Kronos?


Any Midi Solutions wizards out there who can guide me?


Of course another option would be the Midi Solutions Pedal Controller and if someone has one they would be interested in trading for my Event Processor + I'd also be open to that?



Nord Stage 2, Kronos, UHL X3-1, Receptor VIP2, HX3 Expander, DMC-122, Virus B, A70, Ventilator, SS V.3
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