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Receptor- Cloning the drive


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I'm worried about my Receptor, especially given the demise of Muse. I know I need to clone the drive (so I can sleep well at night).


It was discussed here recently in a thread how to use some shareware to clone the drive. I also discovered there are hardware solutions to clone a drive (by placing the the source and destination drives in the hardware). Here's one such gizmo. Drive Clone


I'm wondering if it's easier (and since it's relatively cheap) to go this route? No computer needed, just drop in both drives.


Any thoughts?

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From a general computer standpoint, it's faster to connect the source and destination into 1 box. Like if you hae a windows box with a couple extra SATA connectors- you don't even need to mount the drives, just connect them and sit them inside the case. I've done this a lot to copy data. Using a ghosting/cloning program on the windows part and telling it what drive to copy to what would be pretty easy.

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