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Anyone use the EHX Pitch Fork and Digitech Drop?


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Anyone use the EHX Pitch Fork and Digitech Drop? How do they compare. The new band calls for some Eb standard tunings. I have a Morpheus DropTune but it is huge and takes up a big chunk of board space. I would have to pull the Bad Horsie and replace it with my Killer Wail then pull my Chorus and Tremolo pedals .... which is OK for now.


I'm playing with the idea of getting replacing it with one of these. I'm told the Digitech tracks pretty good but the EHX can do a lot of stuff,



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Sorry, I have never used either one but if they work good and you stay in tune, I can see using one for a few songs. I played with a guy that drop tuned a half step as it was easy on his vocal cords. I could keep up with him without drop tuning but it caused me to give up my open chords on some tunes. So we compromised as we both brought two guitars to any gigs. We tuned one in standard and one dropped a half step. I would do 3 songs in standard and he would do 3 in Eb and some times we could skip switching off. I do a lot of tunes in open E and Eb is just too low for my vocals. The idea of using two guitars came in handy as we both believed in packing a spare guitar anyway... :cool:
Take care, Larryz
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