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OT: Guy builds a Cantabile keyboard


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There's something to be said for building it yourself when manufacturers don't listen, fall behind the curve, or are stuck in old paradigms and business models.


In some ways I think we all do it when we put together 10 pieces of gear to come up with a rig that works for our needs. These sorts of efforts just take refining an idea to the next level.

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I thought of actually hacking into the flat surface of a keyboard to mount a touchscreen, then just route the display cable out to an external computer. Or to take it even further.....computer parts are now small enough, you could probably buy a controller and mount a mini-itx board right inside, and built an integrated solution starting with a controller.


But while this type of integration is kind of cool, I don't see much advantage in the long run. But certainly a fun and challenging project. Kudo's to the user that took on this challenge.


I do love the new version of cantabile.

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