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Yamaha C4


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So Ive been looking for something with an awesome feel and great piano samples....After looking at Rolands' (my personal favorite) I played a Yamaha CP4 Saturday, it just "felt" right for me after having my fingers on just about everything...took it home with me (brought my Hyundai Elantra and with a hard case it barely, barely I say fit lol


Sunday I took it to church and WOW...what a pleasant experience...I can't wait to dig into it this week...


Roland VR09

Yamaha CP4

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It seems you have confirmed the conventional wisdom among forum members that it is important to play a variety of instruments before buying, and that personal preferences for a make or model vary.


FWIW, I have always thought that Yamaha have the best "finger to sound" connection for AP patches. But I myself have bought numerous Roland keyboards because for me these keyboards offered the best "total package": quality of APs and EPs, quality of additional sounds, layering, MIDI facilities, size, appearence, etcc.

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Ray Charles Genius plus Soul

Charlie Parker Omnibook

Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life

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