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Three Stereo Keyboards


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I'm a fan of the ART PowerMix III for a cheap-ish but clean and quiet, non-rack form factor, 3 channel stereo line mixer. I have it mounted to a PedalTrain nano, along with a Radial JDI Stereo (the Stereo, not the larger Duplex - it's a newer model that provides two channels in the smaller standard Radial DI form factor by eliminating some of the Duplex's less-often-needed features). There's also a Mini Vent with Ashby's remote footswitch mod, which is connected to the 3rd channel on the mixer. The whole thing goes on the floor next to me.


I have same kind of setup but instead of a Ventilator I have Lester K and instead of Art mixer I have Rolls MX28. However, I have the mixer and Lester K velcroed on top of keyboard. I wanted to have the mixer in close reach so I can tweak the volume levels. Ive never had a pedal board but now that I think about it perhaps I need to give it a try. What I dislike about my setup is two wall-warts, one for the Rolls mixer and one for the Lester K. With pedalboard I could embed the wall-warts into the pedal board and just run one power cable to the board


By the way, the Key Largo has same restrictions: Wall-wart and the controls on the floor making it inconvinient to tweak the volume, effect send levels etc.

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