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OT: Craig over the years....

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I don't want to make you feel old or anything, but I have a question that just might do that...


It seems that I have been reading articles by you since I was a kid. I am now 38 years old. I remember reading articles on how to build a preamp for a guitar in Guitar Player I think it was. Also, did you ever write anything for any Ham radio magazines? I seem to remember something like that as well. My memory hasn't held up very well over the years. I mean, I did live through the 70's and 80's so I *might* have done some things to affect my recall a little. :freak:


I just wanted to tell you that I have truly enjoyed everything you have written (that I can remember) since I have been involved in music and electronics. I did hold an Extra class license (KI4SC) but I let it lapse a few years ago.


I plan to read everything else you write as long as I am capable of reading! Take care.

--Joe Evans

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Well, I got a REALLY early start. I was first published when I was 16 years old, and I kinda never stopped. At this point I don't know if I'm old or not, things are moving so fast I think I'm going backward in time .


But I plan to keep writing for quite a while longer...


Thanks for the kind words!

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I'm so glad we have Craig here!!!! I remember even getting a personal e mail from him answering a question I had about a great article he wrote in EQ magazine. I really wasn't expecting an answer but he took time to write a nobody like me anyways.

As we DO get older and our most valuable asset is our own personal time, having brilliant "giving" people like Craig sharing his wisdom and knowledge is pretty amazing.

Many more Craig!!!!!!!!!


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I had the opportunity to meet Craig last month at an Alessis Clinic. Not only is he incredibly knowlegable, but he's entertaining (great stories and jokes) and one hell of an educator!!! I went to just see him (knowing absolutely zilch about synths - and came out later - not only knowing what most of them bells and whistles do...but actually thinking about buying one down the road.)


hats off to the man :thu:



Lynn G
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Hey, I needed a boost today. Thanks everybody! Needless to say, I have a pretty cool job... :)


BTW people are often surprised that I do write back to questions (not all, unfortunately, but most). But the way I see it, you guys are my boss -- you're the ones who read the articles, buy the books, listen to the CDs, and basically, pay my salary. So when your boss needs you to do something, well, you do it!!


Thanks again.

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Craig rules!


I have a Digital Delay Handbook from 1984.


A very erudite, insightful man, full of great, innovative ideas!!

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I think I may find the soundsheet LP (EP?) someday, but my copy of "Electronic Projects for Musicians" is the second printing - 1976. It starts with a very concise and clearly illustrated introduction to what goes on under the hood of electronic equipment. I'm not surprised Berklee would use it for that purpose.


Is it still in print?


Can you still get the IC's like a National Semiconductor 380?


Is the soundsheet available in MP3?


Craig, thanks so much for taking your precious time to help a bunch of strangers.



He not busy being born

Is busy dyin'.


...Bob Dylan

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I believe the later version is. There's also "Do It Yourself Projects for Guitarists," a more recent book from Backbeat books.




Some ICs are still available, some aren't. The hardest one to find is the 4739 but any dual op amp will do, like the NE5532, as long as it's internally compensated. Ditto for quad op amps replacing the 4136.




Not that I know of, unless someone ripped it.




For a bunch of strangers, y'all sure do a pretty good emulation of friends :)

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" Electronic Projects for Musicians"


I still have my copy. Although I haven't actually met Craig in person, via email he was instrumental in the design of my project studio and of course I took that knowledge forward to my current studio.


Without stroking his ego too much, one thing that has been consistant about Craig is what appears to be the approach of "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all" when he writes about gear. Now I haven't kept up recently, but I never recall him "slamming" a piece of gear. This is significant to me. Not because he's a nice guy or anything (which may be true), but there is nothing that annoys me more than to start reading a review to find out that the author thinks it's a piece of junk. If there is an article by Craig on a piece of gear I'm interested in, than I already know it's something good, and I just need to read to find out how to use it, and decide if I need it. I wish more reviewers focused on the gear we can use, and not waste time on what we can't.


Glad I finally found this site, and I hope you keep us informed for many years to come.


"...I am the one you warned me of."



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