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Digital video camera

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Yes, I have a vintage Panasonic with IEEE-1394. I've used it successfully with Mac machines with FireWire ports (running iMovie), and Windows machines with cheapo IEEE-1394 cards (running Vegas, which is aces).


It's surprisingly easy to get started with video. The main thing is you need LOTS of hard drive space, video uses up a ton of data. You also need a fast machine when it comes time to render...or just let it render overnight while you sleep.


I'm really into digital video, if you have any more questions feel free to post.


Hey, I see you're from Lubbock...say hi to the Buddy Holly statue for me!

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I have a Sony TRV340 Digital8 Camcorder. I chose the Digital8 over the DV or MiniDV camcorders because it can play my old Hi8 analog tapes. I was able to transfer via firewire all my old footages and edited them in Vegas. Worked out pretty well.
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I just recently bought a Panasonic PV-GS70. Works great. I would stay away from the miniDVD format for now. It's convenient and all but editing pre-compressed footage can be troublesome.


I disagree with Craig. If the audio world can warp your mind, the video world is like that only squared. There's a lot standing between your raw footage and a classy finished product.


Count on $400 and up for a good video editor. ($80 for consumer level) Around $100 for good DVD authoring (crappy free ones come with DVD burners). And a few more bucks for good compression. I recommend TMPGEnc for the latter two.


Of course you'll also need a DVD burner, FW port, and perhaps more HDs too.


But it is a blast.

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