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(another) Kronos programming question


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Okay, I'm sure it's simple, but I've been exploring and experimenting with all the pages and settings in Pgm mode and can't figure it out or find it, can anybody guide me? Right now I'd like to take a program - GM 63, Synth Brass 1 it happens to be. When you push the joystick away from you, you add vibrato as you'd expect. How can I program the sound to let me trigger the same vibrato through aftertouch or velocity? (And have it behave that way as well when I bring it into a combi, or alternately, do that modulation assignment in the combi in the first place.) Anybody help? Thanks!

Rich Forman

Yamaha MOXF8, Korg Kronos 2-61, Roland Fantom X7, Ferrofish B4000+ organ module, Roland VR-09, EV ZLX12P, K&M Spider Pro stand,

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Thanks for forcing me to remember.

I did mine by going to OSC/Pitch and choosing Pitch Common

Then set LFO AMS to AMS Mixer 1

Then below that set Intensity to desired value



I set AMS Mixer 1 to Smoothing

then set Smoothing to AMS A: >After Touch

Attack was 78 and Decay 64


Hope that helps. Hope I don't forget.


Korg Kronos, Roland RD-88, Korg Kross, JP8000, MS2000, Sequential Pro One, Micromoog, Yamaha VL1, author of unrealBook for iPad.

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