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Considering an ABG

Michele C.

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Hello, everyone. Times change and people too, basses stay the same. So it happens that while my custom built electric keeps moving my juices every time I grab it, the Yamaha BB614F I bought to cut my teeth on a fretless, always failed to make me fall in love (but still was a steal rather than a bargain).

I am considering givin up completely on fretless. I am playing less jazz and I am prefering the tone of my fretted bass for that. I have an occasion for gigging with one of my teachers if I get and ABG, so I am considering switching.

The Yamaha has some scratches and a dent, so I am not expecting to get a lot from it, but I have found a very sexy acoustic bass, the Ibanez PCBE12MH-OPN.

I am very partial to mahogany as it reminds me of those legendary 000 guitars from Martin. I tried it in the shop and liked it.

Have you got any opinions or suggestions? Thank you all.

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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Things change. If fretless isn't floating your boat any more, get something that is. I played a jazz gig this weekend and used my (fretted) Roscoe 5 string. No one complained. Actually had a number of compliments.


I sold my Roscoe fretless a while ago. It was an AMAZING bass. Sounded fantastic. I just don't have time to be as good on it as I want to be - intonation wise.


I'm down to my one bass and it seems to be just fine. Traditional jazz gigs, church, cover bands, it's all good. Fortunately, I play with people who aren't too hung up on the "right" bass for the gig. They book me because they know what they will (hopefully) get - a solid player who will play appropriately for the gig. At least that is what I hope/strive for as a reputation.

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Fortunately, I play with people who aren't too hung up on the "right" bass for the gig.

If someone has a comment, question or request regarding what bass I should play, I'm happy to have the conversation. If someone tries to tell me what instrument to play, they're going to get punched in the arm. Real hard.

"Tours widely in the southwestern tip of Kentucky"
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Well, in the end I bought this one: an Ibanez PCBE12Mh OPN.

I am partial to mahogany and to a body style tha echoes thr glorious Martin 000.

I checked the sound unplugged and plugged in, against a FenderCB 100.

I did not find such differences to change my mind. The preamp of the Fender was more versatile, but the tone of the Ibanez is very good and rhe eq is useful even if it lacks a mid control.

The scale of the Ibanez is 32" and this is helpful too. I have less ability to play up the neck, but the low notes do not feel so far.

Pic below


-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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