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Pulled the Trigger on the Minilogue


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Labor Day sale made me do it. :w00t: Plus something needs to hold me over until the DM12 comes out this winter. And as much as I love the sounds and functions, there's something about that aluminum front plate and wood back that is just so damn sexy. Plus it will make a nice controller for my Volcas. OK, I've justified it enough. Comes in the first couple weeks of September - will report back!
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That sounds like fun! I've never seen it for anything other than $499. What sort of Labor Day sales did you find, if you don't mind sharing?



Well I don't want to break any forum rules, but the site I got it from is a good friend to musicians. I had to call to get the discount LABORDAY16. $425 shipped - no brainer for a pretty full-featured 4 voice analog with VCO's.


Now I'm not one to mod my synths, but I am really liking the vibe of this one with Fisher-style 80's style chrome knobs. I think I'm going to be doing this - I think even I can handle this project:



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So this little guy came in the other day and I finally got a chance to really dig in tonight.


Really impressed with the build quality, esp. at this price point. Full aluminum face, real wood back, sturdy knobs, keys are surprisingly good. A lot bigger than most mini keys. The oscilloscope is a nice touch. :)


Sound wise, it's a winner. Nice, warm sound with an early 80's vibe. The arpeggiator is a bit limited (no MIDI out from it, no note length adjustment), but it works. The 16 step (polyphonic) sequencer is more flexible -- really run to let a pattern run and tweak away. Those tweaks can be recorded as a "motion sequence".


All in all I really like this. Obviously the four voice poly is somewhat limiting, but there are ways to work around that and still make the music work.


Now I'm off to link it up to my Volcas and see what kind of nonsense I can come up with.

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