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OT - Native Americans making whoopee

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Okay, so, I gotta know. Who knows anything about Chief Horny Toad? I've been on this kick lately about Indians since I wrote the song about the coyotes (and now, I'm rewriting it). Oops, I mean Native Americans. When I was a kid, I was nuts over Indians. Oops, Native Americans. So, I got to thinking... did they just run all the kids out of the tipi or what?


I'll bet there's a been a book written about this. Like "The Sexual Practices Of Various Tribes." It could be people on any continent. I've always wondered how they did it. Like, is it a private deal or not?

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It probably varies from tribe to tribe...


but iirc a lot of them (the whole family) all slept together naked under lots of furs. I haven't heard anything about kicking the kids out.


*but*, the fact still remains that the kids often fall asleep first ;)


I guess you'd take your chances. But thenagain stuff like that really isn't a big deal to little kids until you make it one.


In the amazon jungles, where ppl walk around nekkid you don't have anyone (except us westerners) pointing fingers and saying "DEWD, LOOK AT DEM BEWBEEZ!!" etc. It's just as normal to them as say, men without beards are to us.



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