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Mojo reliability?

Scott Flanigan

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i've got an earlier model , not the very earliest though . serial #

2013123 , it's been fine at home , it's by my computer and i play

on it almost every day , but it hasn't proven itself stable enough

on stage at my church . last time i attempted to use it there , it had

to be rebooted 3 times , our horn player uses a laptop on stage and

has never had any issues . anyway , did crumar come up with a fix for this ?

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Well folks, it's been a few weeks so I thought I'd give an update on this.


I bought the Mojo and when it arrived there was a screw loose inside the chassis and a few scratches. I didn't want to open it up and start poking around to find a screw in there as I really wanted to try it for a while to see if I was going to keep it.


One of the keys had a bad action, the very top C. Aside from that, the action was just perfect; it sounded great and played great. A really fantastic instrument.


Three days later I took it to its first gig...and it wouldn't turn on. The power supply was getting power, but the Mojo wouldn't even light up. So, it's going back to the retailer and I'm hoping for a replacement new one (at a cost, obviously). But what a machine!



It is a second hand one? can you please PM me with name of dealer in UK where you bought it? As far as I know our European distributor changed the partner in UK some months ago and it is possible that they won't give you a replacement one if it is used, so I can help to walk in the right direction if needed.




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