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Vinnie sitting in at Squashed Grapes in Ventura

Dave Ferris

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A Face Book video those not on FB might not be able to view.


Vinnie sitting with some friends doing All Blues - coincidentally in a similar groove to the one Doug/Jazzoo just posted. I play with bassist Chris Connor from time to time -one of LA's best. And the very fine piano player, Tom McMorran, is an old friend.


The piano is a brutal, usually out of tune, smaller Yamaha grand. Ventura is humid, being by the ocean, and they always leave the door to the very small bar/club open - so it gets a lot of wind/drafts and ocean airplus no damp-chaser. All this plays havoc with the tuning stability . But what's new... :rolleyes:


On the other hand they are existing on a shoe string budget and doing the best they can to keep the place going with no dough. I do enjoy playing there the few times I've made the drive. It's a very relaxed, usually no cover, unpretentious setting that is a fun " place to play". The people that come in do listen and are very appreciative. :cool:


The sound is typical unbalanced, poor iPhone quality but thought some people might be interested in seeing Vinnie in a sit in, casual setting. They trade some 4's later on. :)



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