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OT: Songs That Are Just Too Long


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Maybe we liked the song at first, but after a few dozen listens... it just drags on and on. Here are a few that came to mind:


Layla-Derek and the Dominos

Starship Trooper-Yes


And who can forget all 116 verses of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?" :facepalm:

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Twilight Zone

American Pie

and who could forget In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida?


I actually like these three songs (more or less), but end it already.


Hmmm, could turn these into a three song set.

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The Low Spark of High-heeled Boys - 11:35


Canned Heat:


Refried Boogie (Part I) - 20:10

Refried Boogie (Part II) - 20:50





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Grateful Dead's "Touch of Grey"...but I would feel that way even if it was 1.5 minutes instead of 5.5.


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