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Live 365 - do you listen to it?

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This is my unsolicited plug on behalf of Live 365. For those of you who don't know, it's a web radio website with a zillion amatuer and semi-pro radio stations.


Very frustrating to listen to if you don't subcribe because of the ads and frequent time-outs. But really cheap to subscribe for a year.


I mean the big problem these days is, if you don't fileshare, is "how do you get to listen to stuff you hear about but the radio won't play" and "how can you get away from the mega-corp playlists?".


I'm listening to all sorts of stuff I've never been able to access before - it's great.

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I'll listen once in awhile but usually listen to the old Spinner, now Radio@Netscape.

Works great, few ads. A reminder window pops up after 31 songs reminding you that you've listened to 31 songs in a row.

Lots of different genres.


Our Joint


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I like Rhapsody on comcast cable. Hear what you want to hear, when you want to hear, as often as you want to hear it. Or, you can tune in to any of their pre-fab stations by genre. Oh yeah, the catch, $9.95 a month. Kcbass

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