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If you found an AMAZING singer

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I heard a demo last week by a girl that just gave me goose bumps (and ten other people in the room). I am talking, like, in my life, I don't think I have ever heard a voice like this. The only one I can think of that hit me this way was Eva Cassidy. And this girl that I heard is drop dead gorgeous, 23 years old. The songs were standards. At Last was on there, Crazy was on there. Gave me chill bumps, she is so good. I don't know if she writes or not. Probably not.


Just wondering what you think of this. I mean, this girl is so good, you'd like to help someone in any way you can. I have no idea how I could help her but man, she's so good, it's almost like you SHOULD do something. Even if it's nothing more than finding her and telling her that you're pulling for her.


OTOH, I wonder how many singers there are like this. I've been listening to music for 40 years and I think she wins the prize. It will be a shame if nothing good happens for her. I heard they are trying to get her a deal. I don't know if she's "paid her dues" or anything about her except her voice and what she looks like.

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I guess one thing you can do is keep an eye out for her and make sure she doesn't sign some shitty contract or development deal. At least talk to her and find out what stage she's at with her career.
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I honestly believe that there are THOUSANDS of attractive young people that can sing GREAT. That is only the first part of the package. To make it huge in the business, they must also


1)Work well with others


2) Be considerate. I know of a recording studio in Nashville that GAVE recording time to a singer. She abused them by showing up late and cancelling sessions.


3) Knowing how to dance would be a plus.


4) Be willing to travel.


5) Be tenacious


6) Be loyal. If you put up all of your time and money for 5 years and then she goes off to another major label??


7) It would also be nice if she could write her own material.





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LiveMusic, take all the years you've been in the business, and assess who are the people you've come to know that make a difference in the industry. Now make a short list of the 1 or 2 good people in that group, and make few phone calls to them. They'll know what to do, and remember your involvement in the end.
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Personally, I have only found/worked with 3 vocalists that would fall into the above mentioned catagories, 1 male and 2 female. It is truly amazing when you find a vocalist that can nail every part every time. I have to mention a former female voclaist for my T40 band, her name is Nikki and I worked with her for 1 1/2 years, did over 150 gigs with her and NEVER heard her sing a wrong note...she may have forgotten a word or two but never sang a wrong note. Her version of White Rabbit and Lady Marmalade always gave me goosebumps.



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I strongly but humbly disagree with tech, I dont believe that there are a lot of young, great, drop dead gorgeous female vocalist.


Sorry I just don't see a bunch of Beyonce's running around and I wouldn't classify her as a great vocalist even though she is a very very talented vocalist!!!!!


If you truly believe that this girl is the best unsigned female vocalist that you have ever heard, I would set myself up to be a permanent fixture and be their for the long haul.


This has happened to me twice, and both times I just thought I didnt have enough time to package and walk someone through the doors, and I've ended up regretting it. If she's trully the best new talent you've ever heard, I think you have more to lose by just sitting on your arse!!!!!





Reading, PA

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Actually I may also be in the same position. My friend has a TOP 100 "Canadian Idol" contender. I heard her a week ago. She will make it to the top 10. She has a very powerful voice for only 17. I could use some great vocals on my CD but at the same time I don't want to get in the way of her chances with Canadian Idol. They may want exclusive rights to her if she is in the top 3.


But, as I said before , I don't want to bring anyone into a project that isn't serious about it.





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If you found an AMAZING singer
I would get her into my studio to record.


As much as possible.


Her songs, my songs, whatever.


If she's serious about a career, I would sign her to a production deal.


I would try to figure out if she has "a talent for having talent." That's an important distiction. Lots of people with talent will never do anything with it, because they don't have that talent.


Some singers are very good, but they are also very flakey. Those singers are good for making song demos with.


Other singers are very driven, know what they want, and are determined to succeed. Those are the ones you want to invest in.

Eric Vincent (ASCAP)


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I totally agree with the Curve Man. And in the end, after cutting some demos, if she seems like she lacks THAT drive, then at least you have some demos of your material with killer vocals on them. But hopefully that won't be the case, because if everything (voice, looks, talent, style, drive, songs, production, etc.) is there, then the chances of anyone paying attention to her has multiplied BIG time. I wish you a ton of luck in whatever you choose! And boy do I wish I was in your position :thu:


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1st ENCOURAGE her to try out for televised talent

competitions like American Idol, Star Search,

and Nashville Star (if she like Country music).


The L.A. radio station, KLAC 570 AM, has had a weekly talent program "Fabulous Finds" where singers submit recordings of standards BTW.


Why should she hide her light under a bushel?


Hey it helped Gladys Knight-when she was 9!

(she won on Ted Mack's Amateur Hour)


And it would keep one BAD singer off any show(s) finals that she participates in...



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