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Roland FP-7 info needed


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Some of you might remember that over the years I had remarked about how much I enjoyed my Roland RD 300 GX.


Sadly, that board was stolen a little over a year ago. It was recovered but worked only briefly after I got it back.


So.... I am now confronted with the option of picking up a Roland FP-7 at a near stupid price.


I went to hear it , and I liked it through its speakers quite a bit. The Rhodes seemed reasonably good and I was surprised that it has programmable drawbar organ sounds.


Even though it was out not that long ago, I can't find much info on it. I confess that I am underwhelmed by some of the latest offerings from Roland and Yamaha and certainly don't care to pay the price for some of these newer boards.


I am curious what the similarities are between this and the RD 300GX. The FP-7 is heavy but I don't plan to gig it. I like the option of having speakers, and they do seem well suited to the piano sound.


By the way... I would probably be more interested in this than the FP-7F, which is based on the Super Natural sound engine. I am not crazy about the Supernatural, or the Ivory feel keys. It was one reason I liked the RD300GX. It was more low tech perhaps, but warmer sounding to me.


Does anyone know more than I do ( next to nothing) about the FP-7???

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Well, FWIW, the FP7 was one of the few boards that gave me the "I don't want to stop playing" feeling when I tried one out in the store. If it were lighter, I certainly would have bought it. IIRC, the RD300GX has the same action as the FP4... I thought the action on the FP7 was worlds better.

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The FP-7 felt very similar to the RD300GX as far as the action. The acoustic sample seemed similar to the 300GX. The Rhodes seemed slightly different.


I seem to be inclined toward an older approach regarding the sound of a digital. The FP-7 didn't have a lot of edgy overtones.


I am not concerned with the weight. Ideally I would like to use a subwoofer with onboard speakers and just play it at home.The weight would make gigging it prohibitive.


The speaker system semmed very well matched to the sample. It's one of the first boards I have played where the speakers seemed better than through headphones. The action on this is very nice. I really prefer it to some of the Rolands with that " ivory feel".

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I have one. It has some lovely sounds and feels really nice to play. I do enjoy playing it. I HATED gigging it. Crazily heavy - I couldn't lift it! And generally not well thought out for the gigging musician, IMHO. (The times I accidentally hit the *%#!!*# DEMO button during a quiet dinner and had some hideous pre programmed track blaring out!! :blush: ..... )

Crap split points. Can't balance the sounds...... But the organ does sound lovely. i have kept it because it is a lovely thing, but I will NEVER Gig it again.


I will be happy to answer any specific questions which you might have.

"Turn your fingers into a dust rag and keep them keys clean!" ;) Bluzeyone
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You mean you can't change the split point?


That is maybe not a big deal.


Are the " drawbars" on the organ programmable? It kind of sounded to me like the VK organ engine, which is good. I glanced at the manual while demoing it, but couldn't get deep into it.


It seems like a hell of a keyboard, and not one that received much discussion a few years back when it was out.

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