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Arturia Mini Moog V 3.0


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Just upgraded to Arturia Mini V3. Wow! Compared to V2 the Arturia folks really nailed the Moog 4-pole filter this time. I never used V2 much but couldn't stop fooling around with Mini V3. Spot on. The new GUI is also a big improvement. I could easily create some of those great George Duke and Jan Hammer lead sounds. Now if I only could play like these guys...


Hope Arturia will also update the iMini V.




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I had to put a lot of work into it as I had a number of custom presets, but after the third update to the new version, everything was fine again. Wish I'd waited, as it is VERY difficult to port old patches that make use of the motion stuff. They completely changed how that is done, so by the third update, I was able to start from scratch by porting old patches (not supported initially) and then tweaking for the new sound engine.


Now that V3 is actually mature, fully working and full-features, as well as being able to port old patches (though they need considerable tweaking), I can finally say that this is a huge improvement over the previous version. Similarly with the Yamaha CS80 V.

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