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Reason Adapted Question

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Originally posted by zeronyne:

I'm putting to gether a system for a client, and I noticed that The Digi002 comes with Reason "Adapted". Is that just a full blown Reason 2.5, or a limited (crippled) edition?

It is a (very) crippled -yet functional- version of Propellerhead Reason. Cool thing is, it is "adapted" to work with your Digi software by taking the minimal processing power possible (by disabling certain functions).


Other cool thing is that you could make an upgrade to a full version of Reason 2.5 with a substantial discount. I did the same thing with Ableton Live 3 (I already had Reason 2.5 when I bought my Digi gear).

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It's limited, but I definitely find it useful for my needs. To me, it's an extra two synths, a loop generator, and a little playback module to add a few sounds to a track, plus a drum machine to throw down a quick piece to. I'm sure other people would highly benefit from the power of 2.5, but I'd be that this fits the bill for quite a few.


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One thing, though. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think the Digi version gives you access to Maelstrom or Scream, which are two of my favorites. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...but that's what the screenshot seems to imply.


Because it's a fixed setup, you also can't reconfigure CVs, mod outs, etc. as you could in the full-blown version, and that's much of the power of Reason. Thus, I think it's exactly right to look at Adapted as being a Digi-optimized couple of added synths, a sampler and a drum machine....which is not bad by itself, but is not really Reason. I'm actually looking at picking up an MBox for my laptop and am looking forward to getting the Digi version of Live for just these reasons (no pun intended). It'll be nice to have some of the features and, if I find I use it a lot, I'll go for the upgrade.


Good luck!


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Adapted was designed as a great way to test drive Reason but is pretty useless as a serious tool. It's basically a cool way to demo the program.


Here is more about Adapted for your client to look over. Some of the highlights include the fact that you cannot play any sounds that are not in Adapted and "Depending on what version of Reason Adapted you have, the quantity and number of devices will vary."


One of the best things about it (and a little known fact) is has some nifty integration with ReCycle 2.1. If you have ReCycle 2.1 and Adapted evidently you can open both of them at the same time and test your newly minted Rex2 loops out in Adapted's Dr. Rex player after you have ReCycled them. If you try and open Reason with ReCycle now you get a sharing conflict on your ASIO driver.


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Originally posted by zeronyne:

Thanks for the replies. I use Reason 2.5 all the time, but I was wondering if I could avoid the cost of a full verion for my client, and it looks like I can.


Thanks again

Sure, if your customer can survive with all the cool stuff ADAPTED has left out ;)


Hey 0-9 ... how do you plan to offer your customer a copy of Adapted? It's supposed to come as a bundle with authorized OEM partners products, not available for resale.


(No pun intented! I swear! just being curious...)

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