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So let's shift the focus over to BUDDY GUY who turns 80 today!


A man loved not only by his family, but by blues "aficiandos" and aspiring blues pickers, his peers and even OTHER LEGENDS.


One of my favorite stories kind of involves him...


JIMI HENDRIX once caused a panic among the promoters of a Chicago concert he was scheduled to play when he couldn't be found at the venue near when he was slotted to go on stage.


All sorts of people fanned out around town in search, and he was found half way across the city in a small club watching a performance of Buddy Guy and told the dude who found him, "Wait, wait! He ain't done yet!" :D


Buddy, you've MORE than earned EVERY good thing ANYBODY says about you! So I'm sure all of us here on the GUITAR PLAYER board wish you the happiest of birthdays. :)


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Buddy is one of my favorites...I have an autographed black and white polka dot guitar strap my daughter brought me from one of your concerts that ain't never been and ain't ever gonna be strapped to a guitar LOL! Happy Birthday Mr. Guy...


No one can hang on one note any better! :2thu:

Take care, Larryz
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Let me tell you my Buddy Guy story. I saw him one night in a New Jersey Shore nightclub one summer way back in the early 1980's He was still with Jr Wells at the time. Of course I was a blues man myself back then, and that club had many good up and coming blues folks in the summer months, so I frequented it. My then girlfriend worked in that bar so I got seated right in front of the stage not more than 10 feet from the band.


Anyways I sat through a set or two, and then in the beginning of one set, Buddy Guy gets up on the stage all by himself, and he picked up his red ES 335 (which he played that night) and started picking on it acoustically, real quiet leads with no accompaniment. After a few moments. all the talking in the crowded bar went silent. They all turned to the stage, and slowly Buddy Guy put the volume of the guitar up slightly and played on. Then again he boosted it a little more and played on. The other band members then began coming to the stage and following along, Then Junior Wells jumps up on the stage and the band goes full bore.


I have been a Buddy Guy admirer ever since that night......Buddy Guy impressed me big time, shutting up a bar full of white college kids with just a few notes on a guitar that no one could hear very well. The name of the club where I saw him was; "The Tide" upstairs at Schooners Wharf in Beach Haven NJ.


Happy Birthday Bluesman Buddy Guy, and many more happy and healthy ones as well.


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