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Logic Pro X Vintage B3 with Keyboard Controller Question


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I'm using the Vintage B3 emulator in Logic Pro X for practice/learning and I think it's great. I'm controlling it with a Roland VK-7 and the drawbars are working nicely.


I'd like to use the VK-7 to control some of the other functions in Vintage B3, such as Leslie speed, vibrato/chorus, percussion. These don't work out of the box and I'm having trouble finding info on how to map these.


Has anyone else done this with a VK-7 or any other controller?

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In MainStage it can be done this way.


In 'Layout' add a 'round knob' Screen control to the 'Workspace'.

Map hardware input, the CV control. In the left hand panel it should show the midi number of the CV control. Type = absolute.


In 'Edit' mode under 'Assignments and Mappings', and I am assuming this the same in Logic, in the 'Assignment' column scroll down to the midi number of the CV control, if you turn the CV control it should jump to it in this list.


Once you have found it in the next column you should see the 'Screen Control' description, 'knob 1' in my case.


Then in the lower left 'Screen Control Inspector' panel under 'Mappings' select Tonewheel Organ > B3 > Vibrato.


The third column should now show 'Vibrato' selected in the list of Vibrato options.


On the right under 'Map Vibrato' click on 'map parameter' you should see the following 'Saved Value' = C3, Range Max = C3, Range min = C0. Save and you are good to go.


Open Vintage B3, turn the boards CV knob and watch the screen CV jump from C0 through to C3 as you turn the knob, just like a real one.




Provided a midi message is sent by every control on the board you should be able to map every matching control in Vintage B3, or B-5 for that matter, so you have have the same depth of control over a virtual instrument as you do over the built-in emulation.


In addition to the VK template included in Vintage B3 there are templates for the SK/XK3, Korg CX, Nord Electro and NIB4D, all with with more extensive mapping than for the VK.


That may be because the VK only sends midi to external instruments for a limited number of controls.




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Thanks for the instructions. I just tried this in MainStage and I think you're right about the limitations of the VK-7.


I'm using the MIDI Message Monitor in MainStage and I see messages appear when I push the Vibrato/Chorus button on the VK-7, but the message has no channel or value, and a message of System Exclusive. Too bad.

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I run into the same thing when trying to use hardware that's designed for MCU (Mackie Control) to do basic MIDI stuff. I wonder if you can use something like MIDI Pipe,


to translate the message that's coming in into a MIDI message MainStage can assign on a virtual MIDI port.

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Bome's Midi Translator. Lets you convert sysex to standard MIDI, which you can send to Logic. Great Swiss army knife for all things MIDI. This should let you use the VK7's buttons.


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