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Two sampling domain keyboard effects multitracking

Theo Verelst

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Scott's asked me if I'm ok, well, I was working on some stuff maybe you guys should have some interest in as well.


Here's a little video I made (with a phone) of me explaining a bit how I set up a 96k and a 48k sampling domain on a Linux computer, using Rosegarden as multi-track recorder for some tracks made with the CP4 recorded at 96kHz sampling frequency (with a Yamaha MG16, b.t.w. does anyone own a service manual for it by any chance ?), such that I recorded a per-track Lexicon (dual) effect right from the it's digital output in parallel tracks, as to further process them, according to my latest studio DSP insights.




No deep science explanation, but the idea is that if you want two sampling frequency tracks to run in parallel you might want to try to prevent all kinds of sampling rate conversions that you don't want.


T. V.

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