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Steve Vai tour


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Greetings everyone! Going to see Vai in the fall, as he ( and his mighty band ) tour to promote the 25th Anniversary of Passion And Warfare. What can I expect, since it'll be my first time seeing/hearing him?
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Welcome to the GPF, Jedizen07. Love the quote from "Watermelon in Easter Hay" in your sig-line! :cool:


I haven't caught Steve Vai live in concert yet, myself... but I am sure you'll be mightily satisfied.

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I had the pleasure of seeing him a few years ago. Each and every tour with any act can bring something different but I have no doubt that it will be an outstanding show for you. Here is a modification of some of my thoughts I shared on another forum regarding the show...


First off, a disclaimer - although I consider myself a fan of Steve Vai I am not an uber-fan by any means. At that time (and still) I am not really all that familiar with his own material. I have heard his stuff here and there - of course his playing and appearance in Crossroads and stints with Zappa and and David Lee Roth are well known. His involvement in the movie Crazy was also really cool. But until that night a few years ago, I had not owned any of his CDs so I went in not knowing entirely what to expect. Well, we all pretty much know about his abilities on guitar. One of the top players of all time, a true virtuoso. So I won't go into any of the details about how he tore up the guitar, impressing several hundred attendees (there was a guitar player or two in the crowd), many of which displayed the "we're not worthy" type genuflections throughout the night. His band members were awesome in their own right - to be expected with this caliber of talent in the forefront. What I REALLY enjoyed about this show the most, is how Steve connected with the audience and his showmanship. He was INCREDIBLY gracious about any response he received from the audience, the show was amazingly theatrical - search "Steve Vai Robot Laser Suit" on the Youtubes for an example! :laugh:


He was quite humorous throughout the show, he is one of the BEST at making cool guitar faces, invited some locals on the stage to help him and the band write a song towards the end of the set, the tickets were a modest (in this day and age) $30 a pop, and was sincere in wanting everyone in the audience to think about the show the following day and week later ask themselves, "did you have fun?" If the answer was "Yes, Steve, we had fun!" (or words to that effect), then he felt, "we did our job!" It was really more than fun. One of the best concert experiences I have had ever. He confirmed what I always kinda thought about him... some one who is pretty much on their own planet in terms of ability, but really pretty modest about it and very grateful about anyone taking the time to listen and appreciate.


One other note...yes, I am a guitar player BUT my mind can easily start to wander with instrumental music that is totally guitar oriented. But he mixed it up with different tones here and there and each song seemed to have its own feel. Even an acoustic set thrown in. Had a KILLER band - not sure who all is with him on this tour but I have no doubt they will be top notch.


Enjoy the show! :thu:


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I never saw him live either, the closest coming in seeing a PBS broadcast of "Zappa Plays Zappa" with Dweezil. Steve took to the stage in that one, and it WAS a recorded "live" concert, and he TORE IT UP!


So, I'm thinking disappointment WON'T be in the cards for ya.


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What can I expect, since it'll be my first time seeing/hearing him?


you can expect strange but excellent tonal structures, Steve Vai is one strange but excellent guitarist, bring ear plugs he plays very loud.

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IT's been over 10 years since I saw Steve Vai live, but I remember it being a great show, he was totally cool, seemed to be just as pleased to be there playing as the audience was to be listening, he didn't speak much, but he did interact with the audience quite a bit. HE had Billy Sheehan and Tony MacAlpine in the band as well, so it was like a big jam session. Great show, I am sure you'll have a great time.

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