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Cp4 or CLP545

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I've been using a Roland fp4 for the past 6 years for daily practice, I'm not too sure if it's time to "upgrade". Recently I found a cp4 and a clp545 at the local 2nd hand market for exactly the same price. I haven't played a cp4 before, but played a clp545. The latter definitely didn't feel or sound like a "beginner piano". So I check the piano world forum but can't find some direct comparison(Anyway the cp4 is a few years older). There seems to be much love for cp4 on this forum with some criticism about the stretching. The newer clp545 features a bosendorfer sample in addition to the cfx, while I'm not sure if they 're "stretched". And how do they compare action wise? Weight and amplification aren't an issuse for me, since I'll use it for home practice mainly.

Thx for any reply in advance.

I love Michel Petrucciani.
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These are very different instruments. The CP-4 is a slab with no internal speakers. It's designed to be light weight enough to gig with. Generally speaking, most on this forum are fond of the CP-4 for its sound and action.


The CLP545 is a console, perfect for performing with at home. It's a complete acoustic piano substitute, you have your triple pedals built in, amp and speakers built in, music rest, in an attractive box.


The actions are comparable. CLP525 has the, NWX (Natural Wood X) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops (wood is used for the white keys) with escapement. The CP-4 has the Natural Wood Graded Hammer (NW-GH) keyboard with Synthetic Ivory Keytops (with real-wood white keys).


If I had to pick for home use, obviously the CLP would be my preference because it's a whole piano.

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