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$200 48'' Hyundai piano -estate sale - any info?


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I was at an estate sale this morning and saw a literally new unplayed studio piano ( 48 inch height) for 200 dollars. The brand is a Hyundai.


The piano is out of tune in the midrange so I cant quite tell but the bass and treble sounded pretty good .


I am assuming this is Korean made but I have never heard of Hyundai pianos. I kind of reminds me of a Yamaha , which is as close as I have gotten to a new Asian made piano.


Does anyone know anything about these? If I am going to go for it, the decision must be made relatively soon. The sale is in the country so there isn't a lot of traffic.


I have a seven year old student... I might pass this deal on to them. I recently picked up a 55'' (extended bass strings) Bush and Lane that I plan to restore.


Any thoughts?

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my thoughts. $200.00 to buy it. $200.00 to move it (assuming you are using a piano mover). $200.00 to tune it. So, $600.00 for a 48" upright piano that must look pretty new. I would have done the deal already
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I would do it!!!!!! But carefully examine the inside for issues, cracks, mechanical problems etc....
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