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Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen


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Picked up one today to replace my M-Audio Fastrack.


Decided to upgrade when I found out that, while the Fastrack is recognised and works fine in Yosemite and El Capitan, it is not officially certified from Yosemite on. I have been getting the odd audio overload message in MainStage, although no audio glitches, and decided this was simple and inexpensive way to see if it was due to creeping incompatibility of the audio interface.


So far impressed on unboxing, included USB cable, metal case, and output knob compared with plastic on the Fastrack, tight USB B port, Plug and play install, select in preferences and 10 seconds later good to go. One of the things I luv about OSX for music.


Focusrite have a driver available that MAY improve latency by a further 1 ms, but it comes with warnings and as I didn't have any latency issues before I will not be installing it.


No comment yet on audio quality, but again I didn't have an issue in this area with the Fastrack.


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I recently bought the 18i8 first generation, primarily to go with the Macs. The second gen would be quicker and better, but the price on the closeout was very attractive. Very well built, very simple install.


My older Windows DAWs (Win 7 and XP) are using eMu 1820M and 1820 interfaces. The driver still loads with Win 10, but about half the apps don't provide any audio, and I'm really over spending hours trying to get Windows audio working every time anything in software (addition or upgrade) changes.


I expect that you will enjoy the Solo.



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