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Kurzweil Forte vs. PC3A8


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Along with my Korg Kronos 2, Integra-7 and Montage 7 (I don't use soft synths or sample libraries), I want to add a Kurzweil keyboard to my arsenal (I live in Korea so they're much, much cheaper too). I've got a chance to play forte myself and absolutely loved its presets, especially piano of course. Though I never got a chance to play PC3A8 nor do I really trust youtube sound quality to decide. Based on the fact that I have the instruments mentioned above, what would be more ideal? I know Forte has only like 300+ presets whereas PC3A8 has 1400+ but not sure if more presets will help in contrast to some deep sounds of forte (not to mention that Integra already has 6000+ or whatnot).


I mainly use it for composing tracks (pop,R&B, ballads) via MIDI and occasionally gigs.

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For me with the Montage and Kronos i cannot see where you would need the Kurzweil Forte. Granted the Kurz is a great board but you have already 2 boards that are world class. Unless money is no problem but you say the Kurz is cheap over there. I am almost to the point just play the keyboard and your playing will shine thru in the end. I prefer playing skills over technology skills any day. The Forte is excellent board also but with the Montage being new and the Kurzweil is a few years old but they have some fantastic updates. Good luck in your decision.
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Be sure if you're demo-ing a Forte it has the latest OS installed. AFAIK the Forte should have 1000+ Programs installed by default, it has room for over 4000. The main thing that the "A" has over the Forte is an on-board sequencer and "riffs". I'd pick the Forte over the "A" for a bunch of nerdy reasons that have little to do with your use-case that I won't go into here (also, if I had a Forte I'd find no need for a Kronos or Montage).


Also worth noting, the Forte can now load about 3.3 GB of user samples. You can also apply an effects chain to the 1/8" input, which also makes it a killer effects processor.

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If your getting the itch for a forte because, well,

you can, I hear what your saying.


The Forte is better and, shall we say, more user

friendly than the Motif/ montage or the Kronos in a lot of


Everybody may argue that mine does this or that better

but in the end just playing something and not getting

up for awhile because, wow, this feels good. The Forte just nails it.


I've had a Kronos and a Motif. Both for long

periods of gigging time.

They do lots of things very well.

But it's not like having your custom putter or that hand made fly rod

or the bat with a great feel and heft.


Your Prophet 5 rev3 or B3 and 122 Leslie.

Or that monster oberheim you got cause your brother

didn't want to just sell it.


I'm not sure if that translates but I haven't

had the sense of ownership of something special

in a long long time.


The other boards were great tools for the craft.

But not like this.





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For me with the Montage and Kronos i cannot see where you would need the Kurzweil Forte.

It sounds like you have money to burn, so I'd go with the Forte over older technology like a PC3 based PC3A8.

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